Unfair Means Enquiry Committee



  1. Investigate Academic Misconduct: The UMEC is tasked with investigating instances of academic misconduct, which may include cheating, plagiarism, collusion, impersonation, or any other form of unfair means adopted by students during examinations.

  2. Maintain Examination Integrity: The committee aims to uphold the integrity of the examination process and ensure that all students are evaluated fairly based on their knowledge and abilities, without any undue advantage gained through dishonest practices.

  3. Impartiality and Objectivity: The UMEC conducts investigations in an impartial and objective manner, without any bias or prejudice, to arrive at a fair judgment regarding the alleged academic misconduct.

  4. Protect Academic Standards: By addressing cases of unfair means, the committee helps in maintaining and preserving the academic standards and reputation of the educational institution.

  5. Discourage Academic Dishonesty: The committee’s actions serve as a deterrent against academic dishonesty, encouraging students to uphold ethical conduct and academic integrity.

  6. Implement Disciplinary Measures: In cases where academic misconduct is proven, the UMEC recommends appropriate disciplinary actions or penalties as per the institution’s rules and regulations. These may include reprimands, warnings, fines, probation, suspension, or expulsion, depending on the severity of the misconduct.

  7. Provide a Fair Hearing: The UMEC ensures that students accused of unfair means are provided with an opportunity to present their defense and be heard during the inquiry process.

  8. Protect the Rights of Students: The committee also takes into consideration the rights of students accused of academic misconduct, ensuring a fair and just investigation and treatment throughout the process.

  9. Record Keeping: The UMEC maintains comprehensive records of all cases investigated, actions taken, and decisions made for future reference and institutional memory.

  10. Educational Outreach: The committee may also engage in educational outreach programs or awareness campaigns to educate students about the consequences of academic dishonesty and the importance of academic integrity.

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