Exam Policy

Examination Policy

Rationale: To ensure a free and fair evaluation process for the
satisfaction of students.

Guru Nanak College, affiliated to University of Mumbai, follows all the
rules and regulations of Internal and External examinations for UG and
PG programmes as laid down by the University. In the current Choice
Based Credit System, the College has Three-Year Graduation
Programmes (BA / BAMMC / BSc. (Chem.) / BSc. (Physics) / BSc. (Maths)
/ BSc. (IT) / BCom / BAF / BBI / BMS / BFMg.) divided into six semesters
and a total of forty courses, and two year Post-Graduation programmes,
MA (Hindi) / MSc (Chem.-Organic, Analytical & By Research) / MSc.
(Physics By Research) / MSc (IT) / M.Com (Accountancy) divided into four
semesters and sixteen courses, along with Ph.D in Commerce
(Accountancy) / Ph.D – Chemistry / Ph.D – Physics / Ph.D – Hindi.
All Internal examinations of UG and PG, all External semester
examinations of Semester I, II, III and IV of FY and SY level of UG exams
are conducted by the College on behalf of the University. The college has
fully automated MIS with ERP for managing the examination including
result processing. The semester V and VI exams of UG and all semester
exams of PG are directly managed by the University.

1) The Exam committee shall make an Examination Calendar in the
beginning of every academic year and same shall be circulated to all
2) Notices regarding the Registration for Exams, Schedule of Exams,
Revaluation and Photocopy of answer books and malpractices
dealing mechanism for Regular, Additional (NCC, NSS, DLLE,
Sports or Medical grounds) and ATKT exams shall be made by the
Exam Committee and displayed in the college website and also
circulated to all stakeholders well in advance.
3) Multiple sets of question papers for all courses shall be prepared by
the teachers and verified by HODs / In-charges, and submitted to
Exam Committee Chairperson using the official email addresses of the committee members.
4) Question paper for the exams shall be selected by the Examination
Dept. and also coded by them to maintain confidentiality.
5) Question papers shall be printed under tight security in the Exam
Room with due verification by a Senior Teacher.
6) On the day of Examination, Question papers will be distributed by
the senior supervisors before the commencement of Exams.
7) The seating arrangement along with the supervision chart shall be
prepared by Exam Dept. and issued to all stakeholders in advance.
8) The assessment shall start immediately after the exam of a
particular course is over, and the instructions for assessment shall
be given to teachers sufficiently in advance.
9) The answer books shall be moderated by external evaluators,
where the number of students is more than 100, according to
university guidelines.
10) The Exam Department handles result processing, including applying gracing (NCC, NSS, DLLE, Sports, or Medical grounds
11) Results shall be declared within 45 days from the last
date of examination and the results will be posted on the college website. The students shall get the results in the Students App
managed by the College.
12) Printing of Grade cards and the distribution of the same shall be the
responsibility of Examination Dept.
13) Students shall apply for revaluation or photocopies of answer
sheets within a week time from the day of declaration of result. The
revaluation and the issuance of photocopies shall be completed within a
week. Those students who take only photocopies of answer sheets and are not satisfied with the original assessments shall be granted one week for the revaluation application. Revaluation results will be declared within an additional week by the Examination Dept.
14) The Unfair Means Enquiry committee shall conduct proper inquiry
immediately after the examinations, and submit its report with
recommendations within a week to the Principal.
15) The resolution of unfair means cases’ results shall occur within one week following the submission of the recommendation report.

Guru Nanak College of Arts, Science and Commerce
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