Bachelor of Management Studies (B.M.S.)

The Bachelor of Management Studies is an undergraduate degree program that focuses on providing students with a comprehensive understanding of management principles and practices. The course is designed to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to pursue careers in various business and management-related fields.

The BMS course is typically a three-year program, divided into six semesters. Each semester covers different subjects related to management and business administration.

The curriculum of the BMS course is carefully designed to cover a wide range of subjects, including but not limited to:

  1. Principles of Management
  2. Business Communication Skills
  3. Business Economics
  4. Financial Accounting
  5. Marketing Management
  6. Human Resource Management
  7. Cost and Management Accounting
  8. Business Law
  9. Organizational Behavior
  10. Operations Management
  11. Financial Management
  12. Strategic Management
  13. International Business
  14. Entrepreneurship
  15. Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

In addition to the core subjects, students may have the option to choose elective subjects based on their areas of interest and specialization.

Practical Training and Internships:
BMS programs often include practical training, projects, and internships as a part of the curriculum. This hands-on experience allows students to apply their theoretical knowledge in real-world business scenarios, gain valuable insights, and develop essential managerial skills.

Career Opportunities:
A Bachelor of Management Studies degree opens up various career opportunities across different sectors, including corporate, government, nonprofit organizations, and startups. Graduates of the BMS program can pursue careers in areas such as marketing, human resources, finance, operations, consulting, entrepreneurship, and more.

Further Studies:
After completing a BMS degree, students may also opt for higher studies like Master of Business Administration (MBA) or other specialized postgraduate programs in management or related fields to enhance their career prospects.


The specific admission requirements for the BMS course may vary from one university to another. Generally, candidates are required to have completed their 10+2 or equivalent examination from a recognized board with a minimum percentage to be eligible for admission.


Programme OutCome

Upon successful completion of the Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) course from Mumbai University, graduates can expect the following outcomes:

  1. Managerial Skills: Graduates will have developed essential managerial skills, including leadership, decision-making, and problem-solving abilities, which are valuable in various organizational settings.

  2. Business Knowledge: Students will have gained a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of business management, such as marketing, finance, human resources, and operations.

  3. Professional Opportunities: BMS graduates can pursue a wide range of career opportunities across industries, including corporate, government, nonprofit organizations, and startups.

  4. Entrepreneurial Pursuits: The program equips students with the knowledge and skills to start their own business ventures and explore entrepreneurship opportunities.

  5. Higher Studies: BMS graduates may also opt for higher studies like Master of Business Administration (MBA) or specialized postgraduate programs to further enhance their knowledge and career prospects.

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