Marathi Bhasha Aani Vangmaya Mandal



  1. Preservation and Promotion of Marathi Language: The primary objective is to preserve and promote the Marathi language, encouraging its usage and study among students and the community.

  2. Literary Activities: To organize various literary activities, such as book readings, poetry recitals, and storytelling sessions, to celebrate Marathi literature and its rich literary heritage.

  3. Publication and Research: The Mandal may publish literary works, books, magazines, and research papers related to Marathi language and literature.

  4. Language Learning: To conduct language learning programs and workshops to enhance language skills among students and enthusiasts.

  5. Literary Competitions: To organize literary competitions, debates, and elocution contests to encourage creativity and literary talents among participants.

  6. Cultural Events: The Mandal may also organize cultural events, drama performances, folk art shows, and festivals that showcase Marathi cultural heritage.

Guru Nanak College of Arts, Science and Commerce
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